Client Relationship Management for Agents, Artists and Venues

Develop your business through connections with Artists and Clients using our powerful CRM tool

  • Business is about people and entertainment is probably the best example of that.
  • Your real skill is in handling people, and we can give you some tools to help you work that skill to the fullest.
  • See the profiles of your Artists – how many Jobs? How much profit? Who likes to book them?
  • See the profiles of your Contacts – Which Artists do they like, how much do they spend? How is that changing?
  • Assign them attributes that you think will be helpful with analysing and marketing – Job Type, Location, Show type?
  • Who’s stopped buying from you? Run a report and give them a call – let’s find out why we’re not selling and fix it.
  • Profile Clients by spend and importance? Who’s getting the deluxe hamper and who’s getting a card with a robin on it?