What type of computers does Arrange IT run on?

Arrange IT is a Web based system and will run in the browser of any PC or Mac, tablet, iPad or smartphone.  It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10 and Mac systems.

Can Arrange IT support variable Commission Rates?


Can it do Supplements?


Can it do Commission based Jobs AND Buy / Sell jobs?


What kind of help and support is there for Arrange IT?

Telephone, Email and Direct PC support is provided by a friendly, highly trained UK based team. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer support.

How many users can it support?

The system can cope with many users, you licence the system for a number of users.

Why do you lease your software instead of selling it?

Arrange IT is supplied as a software as a service – SaaS.   There’s no need to uninstall old versions or install new ones. Because Arrange IT is a web based system, you always have the latest version, all the time.

How much does it cost?

See our Packages and Prices page for information.

Does it work in Euros? How about Dollars?

The current version of Arrange IT will work in only one currency, but providing it's a decimal currency (as almost all modern currency systems are) you'll be fine. So, it will work in GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, etc. You pick whichever one you want.

How much do the SMS text messages cost?

SMS messages are an optional part of the system. Some clients use them, some don't. You purchase message credits from a third party suppler and the cost varies on the size of your order, typically it can be around 7p per message.

Questions about using a particular part of the product?

Why not Contact Us?

How secure is my data?

The server is a dedicated server provided by Iomart (https://www.iomart.com/) via Easyspace https://www.easyspace.com/ and hosted in one of their UK data centres https://www.iomart.com/secure/data-protection/ The data is scheduled for backup twice a day locally and once per day to an external UK backup system provided by nTrust https://www.ntrustsystems.co.uk/privacy-policy Windows updates are carefully applied when nTrust technicians have carried out their own due diligence on the safety of any updates External connections to the site are encrypted via https. Access through the front end is controlled by ID and password. The databases themselves are password protected. We sometimes take copies of the DBs for testing and development work and when this happens they are stored on PCs protected by standard firewall software.

How private is my data?

We promise not to share your data with anyone else.  We value your privacy and won’t share your information with any outside group.  Arrange IT are working towards implementation of the new GDPR and ePrivacy directives which come into force on the 25th May 2018.