Contact Management for Agents, Artists and Venues

You attach people and organizations to the Jobs as Artists, Clients, Contacts and Venues.

  • People, Connecting People and Information about people.
  • How to manage it, how to use it, how to protect it?
  • You can store names, telephone numbers, email address, postal addresses and websites.
  • A fully customizable Attributes system allows you to record what matters to you about YOUR artists.
  • Is it Languages? Accents? Geographic Area? Special interests? Waist measurement? Pets? Uniforms? Musical instruments?
  • Arrange IT can be sculpted to process anything you like. And then it’s all instantly searchable on a graded match system.
  • And it’s not just for Artists – you can use the same system to record information that can help you sell to Contacts too.
  • The notes system means that it’s easy for anyone to enter details of conversations they’ve had with people in the system. Then they’re there for everyone to see. You don’t have to rely on remembering what’s been said to who – it’s all there with a name and a date stamp.
  • Managers – you can track who’s looked at which record, who’s changed important fields and when, and restrict access to certain data and reports.